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Samstag, 24. Oktober 2020



4Bauch Quartet – Konzert

Gybravarisil Jazztrio (AT/GER/BRA)
Iradi D’luna(double bass) about the band –
„I have never experienced such horrible unprofessionality. I mean have you seen those hippies? And all these goddamn solos all the time. I can´t stand it anymore… But i need the money.“
Aron Hollinger (guitar) about the band –
„Which band? aaah… jeah. These guys would be nothing without me. They have no feeling for rythm at all.“
Daniel Bierdümpfl (guitar,voice) about the band –
„Do you mean this unpredictable musical disaster? how is it even possible that these guys graduated from a Jazz conservatory?“
the first time team up, of the bavarian/brasilian/austrian modern Gypsy Jazz Trio from Linz, with the gifted austrian caryntian singer Sophie Vierbauch will enchant your days with vast mix from rearranged standards, modern songs and acoustic virtousity.
All in all. Just another band.
reservierung erwünscht!
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